"What you discover when indie publishing your novel is that you need help. The tough part of that equation is finding reliable people to do the work. I've worked with unreliable people and they are a drain on the creative process. Greg Shipp was great to work with. He created exactly what I needed in a fantasy map, stayed in constant contact, responded quickly to edits and changes, and I would recommend him to any writer looking for a talented and reliable cartographer."
- Gerald L. Coleman, Author


If you would like to commission me, please either contact me using the form here, or email me directly.

About me

My name is Gregory Shipp and I am a freelance fantasy and historical cartographer based in the UK.


I've been making maps for over 3 years and through that time, I've discovered just how much it can make a world come together. Whether it's a great city or a vast continent, a map has the ability to create a visual world to explore and take a reader on an adventure. My aim is to make that world feel as real and alive as possible, to help spark a reader's imagination and help send them on a journey they won't forget.


I've great experience across a wide medium of areas, from online video games to independently published novels; posters for homebrew campaigns to battlemaps for RPG adventures!


"I am pleased I contacted Gregory about developing a map for my debut fantasy novel. He was professional in his approach to his work, was easy to work with and very receptive to my ideas and requirements for the fantasy world I had developed. Together we created a world map I am proud to use in A Bond of Venom and Magic."

- Karen Tomlinson, Author

"Greg has been fantastic. Throughout the process, his emailed replies were always prompt, friendly, concise and clearly written, and frequently offered helpful suggestions. 

Whenever you hire someone you've never met for a project close to your heart, you're putting a lot of trust into the unknown. I have no regrets about hiring Greg. He's a superb craftsman, and a superb collaborator. Unreservedly recommended."

- Joshua Spiller, Author

"Greg has been a tremendous help. Without him, Narborion Saga could have never made it to PC – his work is of the best quality, he’s very quick and adds just the right amount of creativity to our chaotic ideas. He makes our landscapes and cities real."

- Denes Csiszar, Editor-in-Chief

"Greg was a pleasure to work with. He's timely with his material, receptive to feedback, and the quality of his maps is exceptional. I'll definitely keep him in mind for future projects."

 - Aaron Finkbeiner, Hedgehog Games